Welcome to the Highland and Western Isles Household Response Service

Don't lose your voice - please check your voter registration details are up to date.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our response service website today. Keeping your electoral registration details up to date ensures that you don't lose your voice on decisions that affect you.

This service can be used to update or confirm details of eligible voters at your address, or to notify us that a property is empty.

The law in Scotland has changed. If you are a foreign citizen permanently living in Scotland, you are now able to vote in Scottish Parliament and council elections but only if you are registered. This will be an important opportunity to get onto the electoral register before next year's Scottish Parliament election in May 2021 or any by-elections that may be taking place in your electoral area.

To check your details and provide us with further information, you will need security code 1, security code 2 and your post code which was included in your recent canvass communication.

Anyone who is not currently registered to vote, can register here. They will need their National Insurance number (if they have one) and date of birth. This service can also be used to change your status on the open register after you have confirmed eligible voter details or to request a postal vote form which will be sent to you for completion and return. Further information on the open register will be available once you progress to stage 3 of 6.

Impact of COVID-19 on the annual canvass of electors

By law the Electoral Registration Officer is required to carry out the annual canvass of electors. The canvass has not been suspended as a result of COVID-19.

By completing your return online, you are allowing us to maintain the safety of our staff as we face the ongoing public health challenges of COVID-19.

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