Welcome to the Ayrshire VJB Online Household Response Service

Thank you for clicking on the link we sent you via e-mail or Household Enquiry Form, and taking the time to respond digitally. As we face ongoing public health challenges due to Covid19, this allows us to maintain the safety of our staff.

You will need security code 1, security code 2 and your Post Code included in the e-mail or on the Household Enquiry Form sent to you to login to the service.

You may use this service to update or confirm the details of eligible voters at an address, or to notify us that a property is empty.

Please remember to add any young people in the household aged 14 and above who are not currently registered. Although they cannot vote until the age of 16, they can be added to the register in preparation.

The law in Scotland has changed. If you are a foreign citizen permanently living in Scotland you can now register to vote for eligible elections.

When checking the details of who is registered in your household, anyone not included and foreign citizens can register here. They will need their National Insurance number (if they have one) and date of birth.

You may also use this service to change your status on the open register after you have confirmed eligible voter details, this will be explained as you proceed to stage 3 of 6.

To begin, select the Logon button below